This is not a love song

Although they just found out the month before, pregnancy seems to happen over night. “It's like one day I woke up fat and hungry.” Heechul said eating breakfast.

“Well, you are super cute fat.” KangIn said hugging her. “That baby is going to be huge! I hope it's a girl.” Heechul rolled her eyes at the fat comment and continued eating.

“Well I just want a healthy grandchild.” Eeteuk gave Heechul her sweater as she pulled her from the table. “You should be going now. Sungmin wants to go on a date with you two.”

Heechul happily waddled over to Sungmin's house and soon they left for the store. “Why so early Sungmin? We could have done this after school.” Heechul said looking through the baby clothes.

“But then I wouldn't be able to show people what I bought for my niece and/or nephew.” She said smiling. They bought what Sungmin wanted and left the store. Heechul waddled along and bumped into a guy who was walking by the door.

“Excuse me.” He said turning around. “I was in the way.” He smiled and made sure she didn't fall.

“No it was my fault. I can't walk straight anymore.” Heechul smiled.

“How many months are you?” He asked.

“What do you mean.” Sungmin said coming up smiling. “What are you talking about months?” His eyes opened wide and Heechul smirked.

“You think I'm pregnant?” She said with false surprise. “What? Am I fat?”

“I didn't say you were fat.” He said quickly.

“But you think I'm pregnant? Why do you think that?”

“Well because you walk like a penguin.”

“So I look like a fat pregnant penguin?”

“No you don't it's just...” He was had a loss of words as the two girls laughed at him.

“Don't worry! I'm pregnant.” Heechul said when she caught her breath.

“I thought so.” He said wiping his sweat.

“You thought so? What is she fat?” Sungmin said and began laughing again at his facial expression.

“I'm Jay. What's your names?” He said putting out his hand.

They both shook his hand and smiled. “I'm Sungmin, and she is Heechul and we are late for school. Gotta go! See ya around Jay!” She said pulling Heechul off through the store.

They walked through the school doors only to be greeted by HanGeng and Siwon. “What took you so long?” HanGeng said as soon as she walked in.

“You didn't walk to school did you?” Siwon asked. She just looked at him and gave him a weary smile. He sighed at her and shook his head. “Don't walk to school. I'll go and get you.” HanGeng nodded his head at the idea and Heechul shook her head.

“But exercise is good for the baby.” She said gaining warning looks from both of them. “OK I'll ride to school.”
They both seemed content with her answer until Siwon thought of a good question to ask.

“They are so into this dad thing aren't they?” Sungmin said. “Why don't you let them take you out for a date. I mean, take the baby out for a date.” She said smiling.


Lunchtime was hectic. Heechul sat down with three lunches. “I can't eat all of this.” Siwon and HanGeng looked at her like she had three heads.

“You have to eat it all! What about the baby?” Siwon said.

“Yeah you might not be hungry but the baby might be.” HanGeng added. Heechul shook her head at their concern.

“Do you guys want to spend a day with the baby?” When she said that all their thoughts about the food vanished.

“How will we do that?” HanGeng asked curiously.

“I'll just walk around with you and your girlfriends, and you can ignore me and just talk to the baby.” She said with her most convincing smile.

“That sounds like a good idea.” HanGeng mumbles. “I could buy her clothes.” Siwon nodded his head.

“But who goes first?” She asked. “Paper,rock, scissors.” They played and Siwon won. “Well I'll see you later.” Heechul decided to skip the rest of the day.

She waddled along the sidewalk, sitting down every few moments, happily. “Hey!” A guy yelled from in the car. She turned around and saw the guy they met at the store. Jay. “I knew I saw you before. You live on my street.” He got out of his car and walked up to her. “Why are you skipping?”

“Just tired.” She smiled at him. “Your the family I saw moving in last week! Your just a few houses down from me. Why don't you go to school? You don't look older than me.”

“I go to the private school close to here.” He leaned on his car. “Are you sure you should be walking to your house? Won't your feet swell?”

“My feet will swell?” She said surprised.

“Come on. I'll give you a ride.” He smiled and opened the door fore her. She got in happily as he buckled her seat belt.

“You are super nice.” She said when he got in the car.

“Only to things I like.” He said smiling. He drove her home in silence. Not an awkward one a very comfortable silence that made her smile weirdly.

He pulled into her driveway as KangIn was walking out of the house. He eyed the car as Jay opened the door for Heechul to get out of it. “Why are you at home? Who the hell is this?”

“Daddy this is our new neighbor.” She said smiling.

“Why is our neighbor at my house and not at his?” Jay tensed up as KangIn walked to grab Heechul's hand. He stopped and stared at the sky nervously.

“Because I was walking home and thought about being courteous.” She said smiling. “His name is Jay, and he is my new friend.”

“Well my new neighbor friend Jay, where is your house?” Heechul was about to point to a house close by them where she knows he lives but he interrupted her with his stuttering and lies.

“If you go across the street, and then behind that street on the other street, and then go, like, down the street. A little bit. A lot a bit. And then you turn. Kinda.” He stuttered along and KangIn smiled.

“Then if you live so far away why are you here?” KangIn laughed at his stuttering.

“Daddy leave him alone.” She said smiling. “He likes me SO much he brought me home when his house is OBVIOUSLY so far away.” She laughed. She walked over to him and gave him her phone. “Put your number in it. I might text you when I get bored.” KangIn stared at him as did it. He felt KangIn's eyes and was visibly uncomfortable.

“Well, I should leave before I get killed or something.” He got in his car a drove down the street. KangIn laughed at his awkwardness.

“Who is he. He's funny.” KangIn said.

“Just met him earlier. He lives two houses down.” She said and was about to walk into the house until Siwon pulled up.

“Come on. It's time for our date.” KangIn didn't comment as Heechul got into the backseat of his car.

“Hi Heechul. How are you?” Yoona looked in the back seat smiling.

“I'm great. Just ignore me. He is on a date with the baby.” She said still thinking about how cute Jay was scared. Siwon drove to the mall and he only talked to Yoona. Heechul didn't mind, she was too busy texting.

She just walked behind them as they walked hand in hand and being all lovey-dovey. “Yah Heechul.” Siwon called as they walked into a baby clothes store. “What do you think of this?” He held up a cute pink and white outfit with a matching hat. She just smiled and nodded her head. He walked up to her and put it against her stomach.

“What are you doing?” She laughed as he held up about three more outfits to her.

“I'm trying to see if they will fit.” He smiled.

“Well I can't fit them!” She laughed. Yoona, who had left to go to the bathroom, came back and saw them happily laughing.

“Oppa, what are you doing?” She whined. Heechul looked at her and snarled. “I hope you don't think she can fit into that!” She laughed. “She can barely fit HER clothes.” She smiled.

“I'm just seeing if I like it. Heechul are you hungry?” He asked walking up to the counter with about 10 outfits, and 4 pairs of pink sandals.

“Oh, just a little.” She said under her breath.

“Well why didn't you tell me.” He huffed. “Don't just sit there and starve.” He grabbed her by the hand and walked fast the escalator where he stopped. Yoona followed angrily at him holding her hand and the people around them looking at them happily.

“Why did you stop. We have to go up stairs if we want to get to the food court.” She was about to get on it but he stopped her.

“Should you stand in one spot for a long time?” He said looking her in her eyes. She sighed and tried to step on it again.

“It won't be that long of a ride.” She said trying again, but he picked her up bridal style and stepped on it. Yoona's face twisted her face could have fallen off.

“I don't remember, but I don't want to take chances.” He said slightly looking down and blushing cause Heechul was staring at him. He put her down at the top of the stairs and waited for Yoona. Heechul stared at him, and he avoided her gaze.

She came up behind then looking very pissed at what just happened. “I want nachos.” She said loudly.

“Ah, ok.” Siwon said breaking the awkwardness. “Heechul can't eat nachos though. What do you want to eat?”

She looked frustrated at him ignoring her request. “I'm ok. I'll just get a little heartburn. I can eat it.”

“No you can't. It's junk food. What else do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat NACHOS!” She yelled, and he sighed as they walked toward the Mexican food place. They all ordered and ate.

“It's getting late. I should get you home.” Siwon said smiling as they cleaned her fingers of cheese.

“Oppa! I want ice cream!” Yoona whined.

“OK. Heechul you want an ice cream too?” She nodded and he got up and left.

“What the hell is your problem?” Yoon snarled. “I KNOW you don't think Siwon likes you!”

“I couldn't care less about who Siwon likes.” Heechul took a deep breath. “Look I don't want him anyway.”

“Ha! Like I'd believe that!” She gave a dry laugh and smug look. “That's why you got pregnant so you could force him to be with you!” She stood up stomping her foot. Heechul stood up as well completely irritated with her accusations.

“Look chick,” Heechul started “I do NOT like Siwon in ANY way so please don't think so much into this 'date'. I don't want to argue cause it upset my baby.” Yoona was about to say something, but Siwon walked up just in time.

“What's wrong?” He said handing the girls the ice creams. “Why are you two mad? You know what, never mind, let's just leave.” They all got up and walked toward the exit.

Siwon and Yoona, happily sharing the ice cream, and Heechul, happily texting. They were almost home free until the baby moved suddenly, surprising Heechul and knocking her off balance. Everything played in slow motion as she fell face first toward the ground only to stop inches from it.

Siwon caught her, by her hair, but he caught her. He thought that by catching her by her waist or some place in that area it would hurt the baby, but her falling on her stomach would also hurt the baby so the only alternative. “What the hell!” He yelled. “What were you doing that you can't walk right?” He pulled her up and looked at the phone in her hand. “Who the hell are you texting.” He continuously yelled until he heard sniffling noises coming from her.

“I dropped my ice cream.” She said teary eyed and all his anger he had previously disappeared.
“I'll get you another one next time.” He said completely defeated. They all quietly made their way to the car and started on their way. It was 11 o’clock before they got close to their houses.

“Siwon oppa,” Yoona said from his side. “I'm hungry.”

“We are almost there just wait a while. I have to get Heechul home. She's tired.” He said without looking.

“Why are you taking care of her so much?” She yelled. “You are MY boyfriend! You are supposed to take care of ME!”

Siwon rolled his eyes at the statement. “I know who you are, and I'm not taking care of her. I'm taking care of my baby.” He said trying not to argue.

“Ah! Don't use that as an excuse! It's probably not your kid anyway!”

“I know, but if I'm lucky, it will be. Now shut up about this.”

“Ha! You call that luck?” She grumbled and he stopped.

“You know what Yoona? You are PISSING me off.” He swung the car in the other direction and sped off.

“Why are you so mad? I don't think it will be lucky to be connected to 'her' all the time. Where are we going?” She said looking out of the window.

He soon stopped in front of her house. “I'm dropping you off first. Get out.” His voice was so cold Heechul shivered in the backseat. Yoona's face scrunched up as she got out and slammed the door. He just took off in the direction he came from.

The car was quiet as they pulled into her driveway at about 12 o'clock. He helped her out of the car and walked her to the door.

The awkwardness of what 'normally' happens when a guys walks a girl to the door set in thickly. “Well, uh,” He began. “Um, it's late you should sleep.” He said patting her on the head slightly.

“Don't pat my head! I'm not a pet!” She said quickly. She didn't know what he wanted to say, but it had to be something because he seemed to be deep in thought so she couldn't just leave him outside.

“Well, uh,” He started again and again patting her head.

“Look! Stop that!” She gave him a false look of anger. They stood there for about 1 more minute before he kissed her on the cheek and ran to his car.

She stood there for a moment kind of dumbfounded at what happened, but soon went inside to go to sleep. She slept soundly as she thought asking Jay to take her to school tomorrow, she couldn't wait to wake up.
~ Morning~

“Mommy! I'm hungry!” She yelled coming down stairs.

“OK. Just sit down and...” There was a loud knock at the door that Eeteuk went to answer. HanGeng stood there neatly dressed and smiling.

“Excuse me Ms. Eeteuk, is the baby ready for our date?” His smile was bright and cheery. Heechul walked up behind her mother and was confused. “You promised that I could take the baby shopping. Why did I come in the morning? I don't want to get the baby home too late because it won't know when to be awake and when to sleep.” Heechul couldn't even blink twice before she was pulled out of the house.


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This is not a love song

This is English or Chinese

“Umm....Why are we here?” Kyuhyun asked in a low tone.

“BECAUSE I SAID SO DAMN IT!” KangIn yelled. Kyuhyun and Key were sitting in Heechul's living room scared as KangIn paced the room quietly. He had been thinking since they got home from the hospital. Earlier, Eeteuk had showed KangIn the sonogram and now they don't know what will happen to the world. He had to wait until school ended to put his plan into action.
He suddenly stopped pacing a looked at them. “You, Jo, you speak Mandarin right?”

Kyuhyun jumped slightly “Uh, well I can survive there”

“WELL YOU WILL CALL HANGENG AND TELL HIM TO BRING HIS CHINESE ASS HERE NOW!” KangIn roared and cause the two boys on the couch to slightly squeal. “And you, Kibum, you speak English right?”

“Umm, what will happen if I say 'no'?” Key asked wincing when KangIn looked at him. “Well, yeah I'm good at it.”

“YOU CALL THAT SIWON BASTARD AND TELL HIM TO GET HIS ASS HERE NOW!” KangIn yelled and tossed them a phone and the numbers.

Kyuhyun quickly dialed the number labeled 'that bastard HanGeng' “Hello HanGeng? Ummm.” He started.

“SPEAK IN MANDARIN!” KangIn yelled. Kyuhyun's life flashed before his eyes as he tried to change the language. “Umm Ge! Uh, need to, um I don't know, um just. OK that, ZhouMi you guys need to comeback and do it fast!” That was all he could get out before he hung up and gave Key the phone.

Key quickly called the number labeled 'Siwon bastard' and waited impatiently as it rang. “Hello are you Siwon's maid or something? Well, you need to tell him to get his ass back to Korea really fast.” He then hung up and sat back into the couch. KangIn looked at them as they sat there terrified.

“OK get out.” With that they jumped up and ran out of the house swiftly. KangIn sat down to calm himself, and to wait until the two boys came back.

The next day there was a loud knock on the door. It rang through the house all the way to Heechul's room where the four girls were sleeping. Heechul sat up disturbed. She walked downstairs angry at whoever had woken her up.

Opening the door she yelled “Who the hell are you?”

“It seems you manners haven't changed at all.” Mr Choi said smiling at her embarrassed face. “May we come in?” Heechul stepped out of the way and he and his son entered the house.

“Oh you're back already?” Eeteuk said smiling at the two people. “Siwon you and Heechul go to the family room while your father and I talk.” She smiled as they two went into the other room.

“What did you do?” Siwon asked as he sat opposite of Heechul. “Or did they put the engagement back on? Oh, I hope not.” Heechul just rolled her eyes and sat down.

They sat there for a while in silence until Siwon's phone rang. “Yoona, I was just about to call you.” He said smiling as Heechul scoffed. “Why aren't you at school again? Suspended ? Why? Heechul?” He laughed and looked at her. “She told you what? Unfortunately, I think it's true. Calm down this is no reason to be upset.” Heechul just sighed to herself at the 'perfect person' conversation. “Yah! Why did you start a fight with her?”

Heechul looked him like he was dumb. “Why would I do that. I don't care about Yoona enough to start a fight with her. Besides, she started it with me. I didn't want to leave school on the first day I came back after four months. Are you crazy?” Heechul rolled her eyes at him, and laughed.

“Yoona, why are you lying?” He said to Heechul's surprise. “Yes, I do believe her. Well, because she is telling the truth. Yoona listen, when you are ready to tell the truth call back.” He hung up on her and Heechul laughed.

“You believe me?”

“You seem like your telling the truth, and she is a horrible liar.” He said as his phone rang. “Are you going to tell the truth now?” He said into the phone. “OK you are forgiven.” Heechul got up and went to get dressed leaving him alone with his phone. When she came back he was in the middle of a 'heated' argument.

“Well I think the engagement is back on. Do you think I can change it. Why didn't I call you? Do you think you are the most important to me?” He calmly said into the phone. Heechul's eye widened at how he spoke to her as if he owned her.

“Morning Chul.” Sungmin and Gyuri said as they walked into the room. Siwon looked at them surprised. They looked at him and Gyuri's eyes lit up.

“Yoona listen, when you become smarter I will call you back.” He hung up and smiled at her. “Hello how are you this morning?” She smiled and whispered to Sungmin, who whispered something back and she smiled happily. “My name is Siwon. What's yours?”

“I'm Park Gyuri. Nice to meet you.” She smiled and Sungmin laughed at her 'goddess' expressions. She then looked at Siwon and rolled her eyes.

“'Sup Siwon, still a douche?” She said sitting next to Heechul. He just smiled at her.

“Yep, what about you? Still a bitch?”

“Your darn tootin!” She said smiling. Siwon's phone rang again and he rolled his eyes.

“I said I would call you.” And he hung it up not giving her a chance to speak. Sunny trotted downstairs and sat on the couch with the girls as Gyuri whispered to them 'I hope he is the father! He is SUPER HOT! Their baby would be gorgeous!'

“So miss Gyuri how did you end up friends with Heechul. That's not good for your reputation.” He said smiling, Heechul had already learned to ignore him so she didn't reply.

“Well I punched Jessica in the face. Heechul loves me now.” She smiled and he sat back disappointed. “Oh what's the matter?”

“I thought you were different because you are pretty, but Heechul is pretty and acts that way so I should have expected that from friends of hers.” He flipped his phone open and called Yoona.

There was a loud knock at the door. Sungmin got up running to the door because whoever was knocking was knocking loud and fast. “Who is it?” Suddenly the door opened and Kyuhyun and Key pushed their way in.

“Is HanGeng hyung here yet?” Kyuhyun asked excitedly. “I wanna know what happened.” They went in the family room and sat next to Siwon who spoke to Kyuhyun but totally ignored Key.

“Yes, her friends are here. Now why would I do that?” Siwon kept talking into his phone now getting irritated. “I don't know what they did, and I really don't care. Why would I care about them more than you, I don't even like them. It's not like I wanted to sleep with her and if you were more likable I would have probably slept with way before now.” Kyuhyun and Keys eyes widened as they laughed. The girls on the other hand couldn't believe he was talking to her like that.

“Yoona I honestly, don't care. Do you want me to hang up? Now apologize. You are forgiven.”

“OK!” Gyuri said jumping to her feet. “That's enough! I don't like Yoona but while you are in my presence you will respect her like a woman. You are not her father so you will not command her to do anything.” Siwon looked at her surprised and smiled.

“You talk too much you know that?” He then looked at his phone. “I'll call you later. Later is later, now bye.” Gyuri leered at him and sat down.

“Hyung, the way you control women is amazing. Teach us please.” Kyuhyun and Key got on their knees in front of them.

“YAH! Jo Kyuhyun! Just who are you talking about taking control of?” Sungmin asked.

“You're not the only noona I like Minnie baby. There is also ZhouMi noona. Hey is she coming with him?”

“Hey,” Heechul said calmly, “Whatever is going on between you, Sungmin, and ZhouMi is your business, but while I'm around and she isn't there is no speaking about her like that. Sungmin is my best friend and if you are going to talk about liking her and someone else, I don't care if Sungmin would hate me forever, I will cut your tongue out.”

Kyuhyun crawled over to her and Sungmin with a sad face. He laid his head in Heechul's lap and looked at her with puppy dog eyes. “But noona,” he started “How will I lick things?”

They laughed a little and things lightened up a bit as they waited for HanGeng. There was a light knock on the door and Key and Kyuhyun flew to it. “HanGeng you're here! We've been waiting for you.” Key ushered HanGeng, ZhouMi,and Geng's mother into the house where Eeteuk sent the kids into the other room. It didn't take long until they came into the room with the kids.

“Children settle down. I called you all here so I could tell you this face to face and in person. I've just told your parents and now it's your turn.” Everyone looked attentively at Eeteuk as she spoke. Kyuhyun and Key who were extra interested sat silently on the floor. “Heechul is pregnant.” The silence was thick as the four boys and ZhouMi thought about it. “And the father is either HanGeng or Siwon.”

“Now Siwon,” Mr. Choi started. “I know, if it is your child, you will be responsible and marry her, correct?” Siwon stared surprised and just nodded.

“Geng, you don't look happy.” Mrs. Han said. “Just think! I'm going to have a pretty little grandchild!” She clapped happily. “Just look at the sonogram!” She handed it to them and the boys stared at it in shock. “ZhouMi keep your fingers crossed!” ZhouMi just jumped up and down excited.

“Now you two must stay here for a few hours. KangIn wants to talk with you.” Eeteuk escorted the parents out.

“WHAT THE FUCK??” Key shouted. “Noona you're prego?” Kyuhyun, Key and ZhouMi were excited and barely stable. “I......” ZhouMi started. “Gotta go pee.” She then ran in a circle and then out of the room.

“I hope you have been living right.” HanGeng said. “Because if it's my baby I don't want any problems.” He looked at her seriously. Siwon's phone rang again and he sighed out loud.

“Yoona look I'm in the middle of something important. Can you please stop calling........yes, yes it is more important than you. It's not your business right now. No you ca......yes, go ahead, come over here.” He hung up angrily. “Now Heechul we need to talk about your lifestyle. What are,” Siwon was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Kyuhyun got up to answer it. “Yoona? You're here already? Who are you Usain Bolt?” Everyone laughed as she walked in.

“Whatever Kyuhyun.” She went and practically sat on top of Siwon. “Siwon what is so important that you must be here with these people?”

“Yoona, you came pretty fast.” Key said sarcastically.

“I didn't want Siwon to be infected by people like you.” She leaned on Siwon's arm. “What if she forces herself on you again? You've already cheated on me.”

“Yoona don't start this now. I already told you that we were drinking.” He said pushing her off of him.

“Well I told you not to go to that party anyway.” She said standing up.

“Yoona are you anyone of my parents? You can't tell me what to do. I told you we were drinking you should have left it alone. How long have we been dating? If your personality was as attractive as your face I would have slept with you along time ago.” The whole room laughed at her embarrassment.

“So Heechul's personality is more attractive than mine?” She yelled.

“No, but her face is so attractive it makes up for her less attractive personality.” he said angrily.

“So you're saying she looks better than I do!” She was furious. “That's why you kissed her! You weren't drunk at all!” She leaned down over him.

“Yoona calm down.” Key said trying to get her to sit down.

“Shut it, Key!” She yelled. Key looked appalled and walked up to her. He kissed her and then laughed.

“Aw, how long have you been saving that kiss for Siwon? Too bad. Let's just say you're 'almost' even.” Key said laughing.

“Siwon are you going to let him do that to me?” Yoona looked shocked. “It's because you slept with her! That....that.”

“Yoona calm down. You are in her house.” Siwon said loudly. “I'm going to be with her for a while.”

“What is she pregnant?” She asked sarcastically.

“Why you are correct, and you win a lovely dose of embarrassment.” Key said laughing. Yoona was fuming. Just as she was about to ask another question ZhouMi came in happily.

“What happened? Why are we laughing? I wanna laugh.” Yoona decided to take her anger out on her.

“CAN YOU SHUT UP FOR ONE MOMENT YOU BIMBO CHINESE BITCH?” Everyone was in shock. ZhouMi's face was really hurt but it quickly change.

“Who the fuck are you talking to? I will beat your ass!” But before ZhouMi could move Kyuhyun picked her up and sat her on the couch. He sat on top of her and she was hitting him on the back. “Kyu Xian, get off of me so I can kill the racist bitch! What the fuck did I do to her?”

“Yoona can you leave, before I get a bruise on my back?” Kyuhyun said wincing. “Cause if she bruises me. I promise I'll bruise you.”

“Yoona! I am going to kick your ass for that comment! Remember you have it coming from me! I'd better not see you first! If I do that will be your problem!” ZhouMi went on and on about it constantly pounding Kyuhyun in the back.

HanGeng got up and grabbed Yoona by the arm and drug her to the door. “If you ever disrespect my friend again, I will hurt you.” He opened the door and pushed her out.

Back in the family room, they were talking excitedly. “I wanna have a party celebrating Heechul's pregnancy.” Sungmin shouted. “Everyone should come, and get drunk to celebrate.”

“Heechul can't drink.” Siwon stated. “Drinking would be harmful to the baby.” Sungmin just nodded her head knowingly.

“I know I was planing on teasing her about that, but she can eat.” Sungmin said smiling.

“That depends on what you are having. She must eat healthy.” Siwon looked at Heechul's surprised face. “From now on you will have a healthy diet.” She just got up and left the room shaking her head.

This is not a love song

Note:This is Chinese ~

Heechul's night flew by. Not a wink of sleep left her with horrible panda eyes the next day. She got out of bed slowly and walked to her dresser. 'It's going to be a long day.' She thought as she looked wearily at her tired face.

She went downstairs to see her sad-looking parents. "Omma, I'm going to school now." She announced to their surprise.

"This early? At this rate you'll be....on time." Eeteuk looked at her with wide eyes at her sudden change. "What are you up to?"

"Nothing. I just thought that an education is a horrible thing to waste. That's all." She sat down and looked at the table. "I shouldn't waste it. I need to be able to have a well-paying job."

"Heechul-ah," KangIn started smiling. "I talked to my boss last night. There isn't a problem. He said Mr. Choi likes the way I would risk everything to protect my family. He isn't mad at all."

"So this means.....I can go back to sleep!!!!" She squealed, and sprung from her seat trying to run back to her room. After the failed attempt to be late for school she found herself being forced into the car.

"Omma! I'm really happy! Speed to the school!" She was giddy the whole ride and couldn't sit still.

"SUNGMIN-AH!!" She yelled at her best friend as she ran up the school stairs. "What's wrong?" She asked. Sungmin sat on the stairs with an angry face and looked up at her.

"Unnie, you know all the flirting Kyuhyun has done with me? Well yesterday, I saw him walking around with the Chinese girl. You know that Chinese girl." Her face looked like a mix of angry and sad. "Do you think they’re dating?"

Just as she said that, she saw the two walking toward the school. "Well my lovely little Sungmin, do you want me to ask him?" Heechul smiled not even waiting for an answer and ran over to them. She pranced happily around them until Kyuhyun got dizzy.

“What's with you Noona?” Kyuhyun said grabbing her by the shoulders.

“What's up Kyu? Who is this?” Heechul said motioning to the girl. The girl smiled big and let go of his arm. She gave a 90 degree bow and look at her, again with a HUGE smile.

“My name is ZhouMi. Nice to meet you.” Her smile was so big that Heechul couldn't help but smile at her. Not that she didn't want to smile already, it was just something about that girls smile that was contagious.

“ZhouMi? So did your parents really love seasoning or something?” The other two laughed at the question as they began to walk closer to the school.

“No noona she is Chinese. I'm her translator and tour guide since it's her first time in Korea.” Kyuhyun smiled and grabbed her hand.

“So what's this?” Heechul teased. “You two are holding hands? Are you guys dating? Kyu and ZhouMi sitting in a tree!” ZhouMi laughed louder that time.

“No way! He is my type and I might have a slight crush on him, but we are not. I might ask him out later though.” Her smile hadn't faded yet and Heechul was just happy that they weren't dating.

“Well Seasoning, I want you to meet my best friend.” They walked up to a slightly surprised Sungmin. “Sungmin-ah, this is Seasoning and her tour guide Kyuhyun.” She said with a smile. Sungmin smiled and went to greet Kyuhyun and meet ZhouMi.

Just as she made it to them ZhouMi suddenly whispered something to Kyuhyun which made him laugh out loud. “What happened? Did I do something?” Sungmin was a little flustered by the action.

“No noona, you didn't do anything, but we want to ask you a question.”

“We?” She said.

“Yes Sungmin ssi we are going on a date after school, would you like to go, too?” ZhouMi asked with and huge smile. “You see there is someone other than Kyuhyun who is attractive to me and I suddenly thought of it because Kyuhyun said that you are good with relationships. I want you to help me too, but even if you don't want to help you can still go. Kyuhyun talks about you a lot and you seems like a nice person. You seem really cool but I didn't expect you to be this short. I think I'm talking too much now. I'll stop.”

Her outburst only made Sungmin laugh heartily. “You are really cute! Yeah I'll help.” They all sat on the front steps and hung out.

“OK bye.” They heard as a car pulled up. Heechul and Sungmin looked wide-eyed as they saw Key kiss a boy on the forehead before he got out of the car. The two had only teased him for fun. They didn't know he was really gay.

“YAH!!! KIM KIBUM!!!” Heechul yelled as he walked up to the steps. “I thought you said you weren't gay. What the hell was that? Girl, you be tripping!” Heechul put her arm around him and laughed.

“What are you talking about Noona?” He looked at her suspiciously.

“What do you mean Kibum-ah? We saw you kiss that guy.” Sungmin said pinching his stomach.

“What guy? That is my little sister!” He yelled loudly. He stopped and looked at them angrily.

"Why won't you just a admit it Kibum-ah?” Sungmin said looking irritated. “That was SO a dude.”

“NO THAT WAS MY LITTLE SISTER AMBER!!! I'M NOT GAY!” He said and stormed off.

The two stopped and looked surprised. 'That was his sister?' Heechul thought.

“Man if he's telling the truth,” Sungmin began, “They have one fucked up family.” She said causing Heechul to laugh extremely loud and fall to the ground.

“I see you still have no manners. Outside, you shouldn't be on the ground in a skirt.” Siwon said walking up behind her. “You should get up.”

Heechul looked at him while laying flat on the ground. “Are you my father? If not, shut the fuck up.” She continued to lay there soon joined by Sungmin then ZhouMi. Kyuhyun just sat down beside them. “Why does he think he owns me? I haven't married him yet!”


“I have to choose between him and a Chinese guy.” Heechul snorted. “By the way, you know him right?” Heechul sat up to look at her.

“Yes! That is my BEST FRIEND! He brought me along so he wouldn't get lonely.” She smiled again. “But he says bad things about you. I suppose you are the one he is talking about......but you are way to cool to be the girl he complains about.”

“ZhouMi what are you doing?” HanGeng walked up and said. “Do you know how dirty you will be if you are around them? Get up. I can't leave you alone for a second! If it wasn't for me I'm sure you would have some kind of disease!” He helped her off the ground and began dusting her clothes. “Don't influence my friend to be dumb please.” He said to Heechul as he grabbed her hand and walked away.

“Well he's a jerk.” Kyuhyun said still sitting on the ground. “I'll go tell him!” He happily jumped up and was about to run to him.

“Wait Kyuhyun! Last night I almost made my family poor.” She said sitting up. “I don't need it to happen again. Because if he says something rude to you I'll lose it.” She smiled weirdly. “I have to get along with them OK?” The two with her nodded and began walking into the school.

Heechul went through half of the day ignoring the rude and obnoxious comments made by the two. She kept her cool until lunchtime. “Heenim-ah......I'm getting really pissed.” Sungmin said coming to her table, “What are you going to do? You'd better do something.” Sungmin was really angry cause she was told not to fight back. She doesn't want her friend to be poor, but she didn't take karate for nothing.

“I don't know I'll think of,” Suddenly her phone went off. “What Eeteuk?” She answered. “OK, OK mommy what is it? Ah.......but I don't wanna go.” Her face slowly changed into and ZhouMi like smile. “SURE MOMMY OKIE DOKEY!!!! What? Of course not. OK. Got it. Bye! LOVE YOU MOM!” She yelled the last part so loud the whole cafeteria looked their way. “Sungminnie!!! I'm going to invite them to a party tonight. That should make us get along.”

Sungmin jumped up and screamed loudly. “Really? This will be awesome.” Sungmin was just about to run and tell EVERYONE until Heechul grabbed her.

“Mommy made rules. She obviously knew what I would do so rules are: No loud music. No alcohol. No more 10 people. DO NOT DESTROY MY HOUSE. And boys have to leave at 11.”

“So....” Sungmin started “We're having bible study?” Sungmin looked at her with a depressed look. “This really isn't a party.”

“I just want to become friends with those jerks. It doesn't have to be big.” Just then Kyuhyun and Key walked by. “Hey kids, I'm having a little party tonight. Come.” They just smiled and walked on. “Let's go find those losers and invite them.” She got up and pulled Sungmin with her.

They didn't walk the hallway for long for them to see Siwon standing by his locker with a girl. “Hey horse boy!” Heechul yelled out. Siwon and the girl turned and looked at her.

“Siwon oppa, I didn't know you associated with girls like her.” The girl smiled sarcastically.

“I don't. One moment Yoona.” He turned from her and saw an odd smiling Heechul. “What do you want? Isn't it bad enough I saw you last night?” Heechul completely ignored him and just smiled.

“Whatever. I'm here to tell you to come to a party at my house.” She said with her fake smile plastered on her face.

“And why would I do that?” He said with his nose snarled up.

“Because if you don't I'll tell your dad you smacked me.”

“What? You can't even fake that. A girl's hand print and a guy's are completely different.” He said looking at her seriously.

“Dude, can you NOT suck for once and just come? I swear there is no alternative motive. Just a party. know......we might have to marry each other. The least we could do is get a long.” She pleaded.

“Whatever.” He said and turned back to Yoona.

“Oh Yoona!” She said giving a laugh. “You've been touched by an angel cause I didn't punch your teeth out. You won't be so lucky next time. So keep your comments to yourself.” She grabbed Sungmin by the hand and ran off.

They found HanGeng standing outside of the girls bathroom. “Why are you being a perv?” Sungmin asked and smiled. Heechul promptly smacked her on the back of the head and gave him her weird smile.

“I'm having a party tonight. Please come.” He looked at her like she had a third arm.

“A PARTY?” A voice from inside the bathroom exclaimed. “YOU'RE HAVING A PARTY? TONIGHT?” ZhouMi came out yelling that into the hallway.

“CAN YOU SHUT UP!! IT'S A SECRET PARTY!!!” Heechul yelled and then face palmed.

“Oh! I'm sorry.” She began whispering loudly. “You're having a party? Tonight? We are SO going!” She said smiling. “Sungmin unnie are you going too?”

“Of course she is! So HanGeng are you coming?” HanGeng, who was still in shock from the stupid that just happened, shook his head and sighed.

“If ZhouMi is going then I am going.” He said and pulled her away.

Heechul smiled at this. “This is great. Now we can just get along and it will be easy to choose one to marry.”


This is not a love song.

"Good morning~!" Heechul said as she woke up bright and early in her new house. "It feels great to be rich." Heechul roamed around her room before getting ready to go to school.


"GOT DAMNIT MOM I'M COMING!" she yelled back as she stared into her vanity. "Mirror mirror on the wall who's the prettiest of them all?" She studied the mirror as she finished her light coat of make-up. She didn't really need any. She smiled as she looked at her self again. "Fuck Snow White. Its Cinderella bitch."

She trotted down stairs to the breakfast table ignoring her parents making out in the kitchen. "I'll just go outside and puke about something else." She said with a long sigh. The two broke it up and stared at her.

"I told you I didn't want kids." Her dad said getting hit over the with a towel. "What Teukie I was just playing. I know I didn't say that, but I did want a boy." He said with a smile leaving the room.

Eeteuk just laughed at him until she focused her attention on her. "Kim Heechul if you use a swear word toward me one more time I will hit you so hard you'll need a hair cut when your head stop spinning. Got it?"

"Mom why are you so jittery today?" Heechul asked looking up from the bowl of cereal she made. "You aren't usually like this. What happened?" She quickly got up from her chair and went to her.

"Well you know KangIn Appa has been working on an important deal with this super important guy, and you know how he is, he doesn't really take things seriously, but it seems he should have. The guy is already partners with Choi Hotels and he is flying in from China tomorrow. So, this is a make it or beak it deal. If Appa doesn't get this all our money is..........well let's say it will disappear fast." She whispered as KangIn walked around nervously and found his other articles.

"Well what will happen if it goes well?" Heechul asked quietly.

There was a long pause before they both had big smiles plastered on their faces. Soon after the smiles they began jumping in place and screaming. KangIn came running in scared out of his mind only to be bombarded with hugs.

"Appa do you want something to eat?" Heechul asked.

"Uh no."

"Well, Youngwoon are you thirsty?" Eeteuk asked.

"Not really."

"Are you tired? Do you want to rest before you go?" Heechul asked.

"I'm not tired."

"Are you horny? Wanna fuck?" Eeteuk asked.

"What the fuck is going on?" He looked at the two suspiciously."Whatever you want: No. Whatever you want to do: No. Whatever you are thinking: Hell No." He said and finished getting prepared for work.

"Damnit mom look at the time I'm gonna be late for school!" Eeteuk ushered her out of the door and into the car with a smack to the back of her head.

* At school *

Heechul walked to her locker and opened it to her mirror glued there. "Hello Heenim, why are you so pretty?" She asked getting things from it.

"There she goes again talking to herself. I think she has gone crazy."

"Here she comes again, stalking me. I think she is a lesbo." Heechul looked away from her mirror to see her close friend Sungmin. The two walked to their first period class only to be stopped at the door. The guy was tall and wore his uniform perfect. He looked down at them and snarled. The two snarled back and walked to the back of the room to sit.

"God, that Siwon dude pisses me off. He always acts like he's better than us." Sungmin said plopping down in her seat and playing with her skirt.

"He's a douche Minnie~ He is supposed to be like that. That is why the we are here to brighten up the day by being.."

"Class clowns?" A tall, thin boy cut her off.

"No. Jo Kyuhyun, by being beautiful." Heechul snapped.

"Oh, beautiful? I would have never guessed it." He said giving his signature side smile.

"Oh? So, you're saying Sungminnie is not beautiful?" She said giving a smile back.

"No I didn't say that, but now that you mention it....she isn't that beautiful." He said looking in her direction. Heechul was about to smack him until he said in English. "You are so gorgeous." Those words came out and they both almost slipped into a comma. He walked away laughing loudly at them both.

Heechul regained her composer to yell at him. "I'd rather be beautiful than gorgeous!"

He smiled back "That's why you have wrinkles!"

Heechul looked down at Sungmin who was almost dead. "Why haven't you went out with him yet? I mean, he is so into you, and you are obviously eye raping the poor kid."

"Well, I want him to ask me out." She said under her breath.

"FUCK THAT!!! KYUHYUN!!!" Heechul said out loud. Sungmin jumped quickly and covered her mouth.

"Can you NOT speak so loud I am trying to read." Siwon said turning around in his desk.

"I'm so surry Mr. President. I was just about to ask my friend something. You can go back to reading now." Heechul said with a fake smile, but as soon as he turned around. "HEY KYU!! I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!"

"Why do you have to be loud?" Siwon turned around again.

"Why do you have to act stuck up?"

"Just because I follow the rules doesn't mean I'm stuck up. The way you look in the mirror and compliment yourself, it seems you are the one stuck up." Siwon said back causing Heechul to gasp.

"I don't look down on everyone like they are lower than me like you do. THAT'S why you're stuck up." Heechul snapped back.

"Well, girls like you are below me."

'What do you mean 'girls like me' are below you? What kind of girl am I?" He looked at her from above his glasses, and smirked.

"If you don't know I shall put dumb on the list two." And just when she was about to hit him the bell rang for class to begin.

* 1st period end *

Everyone got up and left the room. Sungmin made sure to throw something at Siwon as he left. "Like I said, that guy pisses me off." They walked out of the room only to be passed by this guy, with this aura.

"Who is he?" Heechul whispered into Sungmin's ear.

"Oh you don't know?" A voice said from behind them.

"Key, you know him?" Heechul asked the boy quietly.

"I probably do if you know how to do my homework." He said with an evil grin only to be put in a headlock by Sungmin.

"Spill it freshman." She said.

"Alight damnit. Just let me go noona." She let him go as the walked the hall. "He is a new kid from China. EXTREMELY rich, and apparently handsome." They looked at him funny. "What? Lots of girls say he's handsome."

Sungmin looked him in the eyes. "You don't think he's handsome?"

"I'm not gay! Oh god, how many times do I have to tell you that?" He got up and threw his hair at them.

"Well Heenim he's Chinese what are you gonna do?" Sungmin asked.

"What am I gonna do?" She thought for a moment. "I'll make him like me. Let's go find him!" They walked around for a bit until they came to the office where they heard a few people speaking in Mandarin. "They are in there." Sungmin whispered as some people were called over the announcements.

As thy hid out they saw Kyuhyun walk in and out with some girl on his arm, and then Siwon with the Chinese boy. That's when Heechul stepped in front of them bumped into him, and fell to the ground.

"Oh excuse me." He said in broken Korean, but made no move to help her up. "You should really be careful." Heechul looked up at his pure smile and thought she was in heaven. "What if you would have stepped on my shoe? Do you know how much these cost? Well, its much more than you pay for rent."

Heechul's face dropped as this conceited prick went on. Finally she stood up and looked at him in the face with a disgusted look. "Shut up. Your shoes are ugly anyway. So if I stepped on them it would have helped." She then turned, swinging her long ponytail and walked away. Her and Sungmin headed out and away from the school. "Just my luck! I meet the perfect guy and he's a bastard. A foreign one at that!"

Sungmin just giggled as they walked into Heechul's house. "Omma~ I got sick and came home!" She whined, and thew herself on the couch. Eeteuk came into the front room looking at her. "Omma~ I got sick at school and I wanted to come home. Sungminnie walked me so I would not get raped." She then smiled at her mother who was not amused.

"Heechul, why are you like this today? I need to be nervous alone." She paced the room angrily.

"What happened?" Heechul ask until it clicked. "Oh shit! I forgot!"

"Forgot what?" Sungmin asked seeing their worried faces it had to be bad.

"It's a long story Minnie, but will try to make it short. In about three days I could be either be a super rich bitch, or poor as a motherfu-"

"Eeteukie!" KangIn said as he burst in the door. "Baby I did it!!! I got a promotion for it!" He ran in and went straight to her. He picked her up and threw her about. Heechul and Sungmin were stunned at the sight on Eeteuk flying, but soon got over it and started screaming their heads off like Eeteuk was.

"Youngwoon!!!! You got a promotion too? That's so great!!! What is it?" Eeteuk asked as soon as she touched the ground.

"Hold you breath and don't pass out." A loud silence came about them as he made a dramatic pause. "I'm partner." He said and the house filled with screams again. He grabbed onto his wife and kissed her deeply. "Now let's go to the room so I can fuck you until you pass out before Heechul gets home." He said. Apparently he had not noticed the two girls he ran passed. Before she could protest, he had flipped her over his shoulder and ran to the back room.

Heechul and Sungmin were left in the living room in awe, but still happy. "Damn, now you are richer than me Heechul!" She said playfully. Heechul hit he softly and smiled.

"You're my best friend, we share you know?" They both went to her room for the night.


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~Flash Back~

"Kyu, what are you doing? Who are you talking to?" Sungmin asked looking over his shoulder. Kyuhyun looked up at him and back at his book. Sungmin frowned and poked his back.

"Hyung, it's just Zhoumi hyung. He's helping me with Maderine. Can you please be quiet?" Kyuhyun turned away from him. Sungmin looked as if he was irritated at the answer.

"Why do you have to practice it now? You aren't going back there for a while. Why do you have are you really talking to him?" Sungmin kicked the chair he was sitting in.

"What are you rambling about? Why does it matter if I'm talking to him?" Kyuhyun hung up with him. "Why are you acting so clingy?"

"I'm not being clingy, but if you like QMi more than QMin then fine." Sungmin shouted as he left the room.

"You guys are need on stage." The PD passed an angry Sungmin to get to the room. Kyuhyun got up and walked out also. "What happened in there?" He asked ShinDong, who was standing out side the door the whole time.

"I really don't know, but I think I know what to do..." Shindong walked toward the stage holding his camera.


"YOU WERE EAVESDROPPING?" Sungmin yelled and threw the camera on the floor. "WHY WERE YOU LISTENING?"

"First, calm down and stop yelling. This is not that serious. Second, I was NOT evesdropping. I was simply walking by and overheard you. Last, didn't you two make up? So, it really doesn't matter, and it seems you love Zhoumi more than he does at sometime." Shindong got up, picked up his camera, and walked past him.

"Shindong we are leaving tell Sungmin to hurry up." Eeteuk said as he saw him exiting the room. "Why are you ginning? What did you do to him?"

"Why did I have to do something? I'm just happy. That's all." Shindong quickly went out and got into the van to wait for the others. He took out his camera and continued his search.




"Man hyung you have a LOT of pictures. How did you get them all?" Donghae said from behind him. Shindong jumped and almost broke his neck on the roof of the car.

"Donghae when did you get here?"

"I was already here. Can I see?" Donghae took the camera and began took look through it.







"Hyung do you know what was going on in this photo. They seem to be stressed about something. Do you know Tell me tell me tetetetete tell me!" Donghae climbed fromm the backseat to where Shindong was.

"I must warn you. If I do this you might be scared for life." Shindong said in a serious voice. Donghae gave him a very Donghae-like expression and nodded his head. Shindong began to think aloud.

~Flash back~

"Do you think he saw us?" HanGeng leanded over Heechul's shoulder and whispered in his ear.

"I don't know, but don't get too close. He might look this way." Heechul said softly. Siwon was standing next to Kyuhyun on the other side of the stage looking off into space.

"He won't look." HanGeng slowly slipped his arm around Heechul's thin waist and pulled him close girnding into him. Heechul's facescrunched up a little, but he tried to play it cool. "You'd better not make any faces or you 'Siwon' will find out our secret." HanGeng whispered seductively into his ear.

Shindong stood behind the two looking absentminded. HanGeng then turned around and saw him. "Sindong what did you see?" Shindong was puzzled and shook his head. HanGeng smiled and said "Just incase your lying. Don't tell Siwon, okay?"

~End Flash back~

"So that's how it is." Shindong concluded. Donghae looked surprised. His mouth was hanging open and h finally said something.

"Heechul hyung and HanGeng hyung are keeping something from Siwon! Is it a surprise party?" His happiness exploded and he was all 'cookies -and-cake' happy.

"You really are....nevermind." Shindong continued his wait. Donghae happily contiued his look through the camera.


"Hyung, why do you..." Donghae started.




"Have so many.." He continued.




"Pictuers of..."



(I love my Kevin!)

"Girls?" Donghae asked him. Shindong though for a moment. "It seems most of these have been in the media already too. Why do you have these?" Donghae began to get suspicious. "As a matter of fact 'ALL' of these picutres have been in the media!" Shindong turned to him.

"Donghae what are you getting at?"

"Are you..." He started.

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"Man it's about time I got another camera." Shindong wretch into his bag and pulled his digital camera he bought at debut out and looked at the scratches it had taken. "Yeah I should have a new one by now, but I should print some of the pictures out." Shindong walked to the computer and hooked up the camera. The first picture popped up.




What in the hell?

"What is this?" Shindong studied the picture throughly. "Yep it's definatly Heechul kissing Siwon, but how did I get it if I was back..... This is the practice." Shindong's eyes brightened as he printed the picture out. "I remember what happened."

~ SM Concert practice~

"Siwonnie." Heechul said walking behind the guy. "Are you still mad?" He recieved no answer.
"I only kissed them as part of the act, you know." Heechul said gaining a grunt from the other guy. ShinDong walked around the corner bumping into an angry looking Siwon. He side stepped to get out of the way.

"Hyung, is that all you wanted to say?" Sinwon said without turning around. Heechul stopped in his tracks.

"If I knew I was going to be treated like this I would have staid and have HaGeng fuck me before the show." Heechul was mumbling under his breath, and did not notice a surprised looking ShinDong standing not that far behind him.

The youngest of the trio didn't hear, but ShinDong did.

"Siwonnie, that's why I wanted a private practice." Heechul ran up to meet the younger one. He hugged him from the back and kissed his neck. ShinDong followed.


"AH!!!" ShinDong screamed from his memories. "Bad thoughts!!! Find a happy place! Find a happy place! Woosa, woosa! Woosa, woo-freaking-sa." ShinDong sat on his bed and thought for a minute. "I wish I hadn't took that picture." He soon got up and went back to his computer.



"Ryeowook-Ssi? that a bathroom?" ShinDong sat and pondered for a while. "That's the dressing room. Yesung should be next then."

"Yep, he took the picture himself."


A furious Ryeowook burst out of the dressing rooms where everyone just were. "Ryeowook hold on a sec." ShinDong stopped him to take a picture. Ryeowook, being the nice person that he is, took it with no problem but the one on his face. A few minutes later Yesung came out.

"Yo, Hyung." ShinDong walked up to him. He was smiling eerily. "What wrong with Ryeowookie? He seems disturbed."

"You shouldn't worry about it too much. You couldn't help him if you wanted to." Yesung said finally after a long pause.

"What do you mean? What wrong? It's some kind of deseise that makes him walk like that, right?" ShinDong had gone into a complete meltdown. "Oh no! I knew this would happen. They said one out of thirteen men get it, but not Wookie. Maybe Sungmin, but not the eternal Maknae." Shindong was just about to go get Siwon to pray for him until Yesung stopped him.

"Look, I'm the reason he walks like that."

Shindong was about to ask a question, but was pushed to the side as Yesung took his camara and went back into the dressing room to take a picture of himeself. (Such a camwhore!) He came back out and tossed it to him. "If you really want to know why he is mad. This is the reason: I won't let him cum until tonight."

~End flash back~

"Ahh!!!" Shindong threw another fit. "Damn the repressed memeroies!! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!" Shindong was a mess. He printed the picture and continued.




"Hmm. What's going on here?" ShinDong thought to when he took the picture.


"Woo! Eunhae moment!" ShinDong quickly snapped a picture.

~End Flashback~

"Well that was quick. I think it is more to it then that." ShinDong tried his best to think of it more, but Sungmin opened the door.

"Hyung we have to-is that Eunhae?" Sungmin went in and shut the door. He looked at the picture carefully while ShinDong ignored him.





"ShinDong when did you take this picture?" Sungmin looked at him suspiciously. ShinDong looked at the picture then it clicked.........


The Wacky world of Wookie Wook: The comeback part 1

Ryeowook woke up in the large plush bed by a gentle shake.

"Ryeowook-ah. Ryeowook-ah. My empress you must wake up. There isn't much time to get prepared." the queen Eeteuk said as he shook him slightly. Ryeowook sat up slowly and felt a hand in his hair rubbing softly. "You have many things to do today my lady."

"I'm not a lady, and don't call me empress." Ryeowook mumbled as Eeteuk helped him out of the bed. "What is going on today?"

"Well to begin, " Eeteuk pulled out a clip board from nowhere. "We are going to have a counsel meeting at SBS kingdom with the Star King Kang Ho Dong." He began and instantly got a negative response. "What you don't like him?"

"It's just that his face is SO much bigger than mine...." He trailed of as he found his clothes.

"Well it's set so you have to go m'lady." Eeteuk said as he left the room.

"I'm not a girl!"

"Good morning my love." Yesung said walking into the room with his towel hanging low on his waist. "You are beautiful today sweetie."

"Thank you hyung, but can you tell Eeteuk hyung not to call me 'queen'?"

"Well you are married to the emperor, aren't you?" he asked curiously. "Well then what are you, because I'm the emperor, right?" He went behind him and hugged him tightly, kissing the back of his neck slightly.

"O.K you two break it up!" Heechul, the grand dutches, came in almost yelling. "We have no time for that now! We are in a dispute with the Mnet nation, so our trip to speak with the people of the Countdown is cancelled until further notice. Oh, but you already know that since this happened a while back...Shindong is useless." Heechul mumbled as he threw the scroll across the room. "Yet still there are many affairs the attend to like preparing you speech for the Core and Bank meetings. Those people having been in waiting too long for you to return to greet them. Hurry! We have no time for Fooly Cooly OK?" He quickly exited the room so they could prepare.

"Yeah we should hurry so we can win the people of Soribada and Melon over, and they are just the beginning." Yesung picked up his clothes and left the room. A sleepy Ryeowook went out also. Heading toward the bathroom he bumped into Donghae.

"Oh, Empress look what I have learned! It is a new found trick, surely to bring laughter!" Just as he was about to show him Donghae was knocked on the head.

"There's no time for jibber jabber. As the head maid I, Lee Sungmin, must see that he is prepared for his daily events. You go and prepare your program with Eunhyuk, jester." He shooed him away and guided Ryeowook to the bathroom. "Hurry ma'am we mustn't be late!"

Ryeowook showed with out a word knowing that it would do no good to argue with him. He finished his shower and went to his throne room where his Emperor was already waiting. "Are you ready my love. We have a little time before it's time for me to leave. Let's sit. The presentation of news is coming." Ryeowook nodded his head and Yesung motioned for the first person to enter.

"There has been an MBLAQ attack. Leader Seongho dyed his hair red in his fallen enemy's blood. Although they had recently been in hiding, the A+ army is mobilizing on the 20 of May."

"How do you know of this?" Yesung asks.

"There was a conformation in the Rain yesterday. That is all sir." He exited the room quickly as another person entered.

"There has been a SHOCK to the country of Cube. A group Beasts are terrorizing all of the Beauties of the country. An invasion in almost inevitable."

"Can we defeat them? Bring in the Wizard!" Ryeowook commanded. Kyuhyun swiftly entered the room. "Do you foretell a fall in our kingdom? Will this A+ and BEAST overpower us?" Ryeowook said in a worried tone.

"Be not be troubled my lord. Don't worry if anything happens Siwon said that the E.L.F (Elite Level Formations) will be more than enough to protect our country." Kyuhyun quickly left the room and things continued.

"Listen dear I have to go to the city for a moment. Will you be OK by yourself?"

"I'm fine besides my personal maid is here with me." He said pointing toward Henry. With that Yesung left the castle with a pleased expression.


"KIM RYEOWOOK WAKE UP! We are going to be late for the schedule! You are the worst pet ever!" Eeteuk shook him violently with no response he yanked on his hair. We have a lot to do. GET UP!" Ryeowook mumbled as he got out of bed.

"What are we doing today?"

"We have a Star King recording." Eeteuk answered helping Ryeowook find his clothes. Ryeowook gave a long sigh. "What you don't like Star King?"

"It's just HoDong hyung is SO scary with his BIG face and LOUD voice. It gives me a headache." Ryeowook got his clothes together lazily.

"Hurry up. Don't be a bad pet OK?" Eeteuk scurried out of the room

"I'm not a pet!"

"Good morning my love." Yesung said walking into the room with his towel hanging low on his waist. "You have beautiful bed hair sweetie."

"Thank you hyung, but can you tell Eeteuk hyung not to call me 'a pet'?"

"Well you are mine, aren't you?" he asked curiously. "And sometimes you DO call me master right?" He went behind him and hugged him tightly, kissing the back of his neck slightly.

"O.K you two break it the hell up!" Heechul came talking extremely loud. "We have no time for that now! We are trying to prepare for the comeback. We still can't go on M! Countdown though......" Heechul was walking around the room looking for some thing. "He said it was in here......Shindong is useless." Heechul mumbled as he threw a shoe across the room. "But I guess we still can do Music Core and Music Bank. Not to mention Inkigayo. I need to be in the spotlight again. I've tortured people long enough. Hurry! No fucking around OK?" He quickly exited the room so they could get dressed.

"Yeah we should hurry so we can top the Soribada and Melon charts in one day, and they are just the beginning." Yesung picked up his clothes and left the room. A sleepy Ryeowook went out also. Heading toward the bathroom he bumped into Donghae.

"Oh,Wookie!I learned a new trick. It's so cool!" Just as he was about to show him Donghae was knocked on the head.

"Donghae, go away there's no time for that! Ryeowook get your ass in the shower NOW! You, go show your trick to Eunhyuk." He shooed him away and guided Ryeowook to the bathroom. "Don't take too long!"

Ryeowook showered with out a word knowing that it would do no good to argue with him. He finished his shower and went to the living room where Yesung was sitting on the couch. "Are you ready my love. We have a little time before it's time for me to leave. Let's watch T.V." Ryeowook nodded his head and Yesung turned it on.

"There has been recent news of MBLAQ's comeback. Leader Seongho has a new red hair color that has excited the fans. Although they ended promotions on January 31, it seems that the A+ fans will see their idols comeback on around May 20th. As, said by producer and world star Rain. Also, rookie idol group BEAST has been SHOCKing the nation with their song that gain #1 on the charts, SHOCK. They will promote their follow up song soon."

"Do you think we can win against the young kids? Where's Kyuhyun!" Ryeowook called out. Kyuhyun slugged into the room and sat on the couch. "Does anyone talk about us on the internet? Can we make a successful comeback?" Ryeowook said in a worried tone.

"Don't worry. E.L.F gots our back." Kyuhyun quickly left the room and things continued.

"Listen Wookie I have to go to practice for the play. Will you be ok by yourself?" Yesung asked.

"I'm fine besides Mochi Moch Henry is here." He said pointing toward Henry. With that Yesung with a sour look on his face.


Thanks for reading!


Well it's been a while and I've been doing other things called life, but I will be returning to my writing! I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys about the hiatus, but I'm back now.

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Oh my it has been forever and a day since I last updated my stories. I will have my layout changed and then will update ALL the stories I have yet to finish.

Come Home Bummie!

As winter gets colder
and the trees are all froze
No one knows where he's going
but Kibum comes and goes

Come back Bummie
We really miss you
Where are you Kibumie
Come home to SuJu

He took Hyuk's nice new shoes
and Donghae's newest hat
He took Yesung's little turtles
then he took Heechul's cat

Come back Bummie
Where is the cat
Bring it back Bummie
Heechul wants it back

Eeteuk in now wondering
what he is to do
Kibum's never home
his white gloves are gone too

Come back Bummie
Now Teukie is sad
Kibummie come home
before KangIn gets mad

Kyuhyun and Zhoumi
have been feeling quite sick
it seems Kibum took with him
Sungmin's fighting stick

Come back Bummie
Heemin is no fun
Bring their stuff back Kibummie
for KyuMi and SiHan

Shindong just got an ipod
It was brand freaking new
and Henry's violin, yeah
Kibum took those too

Come back Bummie
bring back the turtles
the shoes and the gloves
and the violin that everyone knows Henry loves

Bring back Shindong's ipod
and Donghaes newest hat
Sungmin's fighting stick
bring back Heechul's cat

Ryeowook's also missing
can you bring him back too
Where are you Kibummie
Come home to SuJu.

My sister wrote this for me!!! It's so cute!