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27 October 2009 @ 12:14 am
Happy Birthday KangIn!  
Dear kimonochi ,

I will hope you like this. This is the one you kinda requested. Please if don't like it too bad! ha ha I'll write another one. Oh and you can't get another request in this one shot series. And if you would like to see what happened I can write that to. Ok I'm done now enjoy reading.

KangIn sat at the end of the bar at the nightclub with a drink in each hand.The stress of work had became too much today. He needed a break. He knew that he was going to get scolded for being out drinking, but to hell with all of them. It was his birthday and he was going to enjoy it however he could.

The night grew long as he sipped away at his drink, and having a nice time here alone. Until that bastard walked through the door.Tight black dress, long black hair, and a very pretty face to even things out. Only one word to describe the vision he saw.


His eyes followed he to the dance floor where her perfect body, accented with perfect curves astonished everyone. The way she rubbed her body as it moved to the pulsating sounds gave KangIn chills straight to his cock. All he needed to make it a truly happy birthday was to have a perfect one night stand with the perfect looking girl.

"I'm going to fuck that kid tonight."

And with that he got up and proceeded to the dance floor. The crowd grew thick and a great cover for him to sneak up behind her. He slipped in where everyone wanted to be and grabbed her by the waist. It seemed that she was the flirty type because there was no protest.

When the songs began to get hot and heavy so did their dancing. Their moments were perfect together. So perfect, it wasn't even considered dancing anymore. It was more like sex practice. The way they grind on each other was more than dancing, it was more like a promise.

"Why don't we leave?" KangIn whispered in a voice that was unrecognizable even to himself. He had never lusted for a woman this much in his life. Eeteuk was more than better than any woman he had been with, but this one just felt like something he could get used to. He wouldn't leave Eetuek of course, but he can see himself sleeping with her from time to time.

The lady smiled a very devious smile as she looked to the roof of the club. She leaned her head back onto his shoulder and whispered in a surprisingly un-girly tone. "I don't think I'm your type hyung." and pulled away.

KangIn was baffled for a second. The sexiest thing he had saw in his 24 years of living was a guy. This couldn't get any better. KangIn went back to his spot at the bar to see if he could spot the guy somewhere. Just as he was about to call it a drunken allusion, h saw a whiff of black hair exit the club. Quickly KangIn fallowed to see who this man was.

KangIn followed him down the street, where he caught a cab. KangIn quickly jumped in with him. Startled the man jumped back and his wig fell to the floor of the car. It took about a second for KangIn to comprehend who the hell it was.

"KangIn hyung what the hell are you doing here?" He shouted at the top of his lungs before giving an apologetic look to the cab driver.

"Sungmin?" KangIn looked at him over and over. This couldn't have been the guy he was dancing with cause this is Sungmin.

"You cheating fucker! How dare you cheat on Eeteuk hyung!" He whispered.

"Me cheating? Your the one with Kyuhyun and Zhoumi, and you let people fill you up in the club. You are like a cheap, dirty, two timing whore." KangIn retorted.

"Listen, for the last time, those two knew what is up when I hook up with them, I never said I was dating either or both, and another thing I am neither cheap, dirty, or two timing." Sungmin defended himself.

"So you are a whore." KangIn laughed.

"The best one you'll never have enough money to buy." Sungmin said with a smile as he settle down in his seat finally. "Hey don't tell Qmi about our little shindig in the club al right?"

"Why not I thought you weren't in a relationship. What does it matter if I tell them?" KangIn asked in a slight drunken slur.

"That's why I hate you! You always have be at the center of attention! That is the exact reason Eeteuk will always be the man in the relationship no matter who pitches." Sungmin said with a glare that could freeze time. He stopped the cab and was about to get out until KagnIn grabbed him by his arm and pulled him back into the seat.

"What did you say?" KangIn's voice was dark and heavy, but it didn't scare Sungmin or anything like that. It was just the fact that KangIn had a firm grip on his hands, so his famous karate moves would be of no help. He put both of wrists in one hand with his drunken strengthen."Drive."

The taxi pulled off and Sungmin struggled. "What the hell do you think your doing you stupid drunk?" He yelled and squirmed until a slap came across his face.


"You psycho bastard I'm going to kick your,"



"Just wait until I get my hands free. I'm gonna kick your ass. You just luck that,"


"Apologize." KangIn's hits were firm and hard, and this particular on drew blood from Sungmin's lip and a tear from his eye, but with the magical strengthen of anger, Sungmin threw KangIn into the door and began to kick him any place his foot could reach. His foot assault ended when KangIn managed to grab the wretched foot and lift it as high as it could go.

"You'd better get off of me." Sungmin said sniffling. It took KangIn a split second to realize he had made him cry. He backed off quickly and they sat down properly. Sungmin rubbed the spot where KangIn hit him, while KangIn stared at his tears.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what happened." KangIn said softly.

"Your sorry? Oh, your gonna be. As soon as we get home I getting my nun chunks and kicking you ass. Or maybe my stick? I don't know but you'll find out how sorry your supposed to be..." Sungmin went on and on about killing him, but KangIn didn't hear it. He was too busy staring at the blood running from his lip.

'I must have hit him hard.' He thought. 'It's still running. If it keeps on running he'll die of blood loss.' KangIn's drunken mind fed him thoughts and he just ate them up. 'I should help him stop it, but I have no napkins. What should I use. If I touch it it'll burn. Something wet. I know!' When that thought made it's way through his body he leaned and kissed Sungmin fully on the lips.

Sungmin blinked for a second and then pushed him away. "OK it seems you've had a little too, much to drink. Listen I won't kill you just.."

"Shut up and let me help you." KangIn crushed his lips onto Sungmins and held his arms at his side. 'Yes! The blood is going to stop, and I'll save his life.' KangIn thought to himself. He kissed him slow and steadily until he ran out of breath. Sungmin tried to move away but it failed. KangIn just jerked him toward him, laid him down on the seat and continued to kiss him.

What a time to go across bumps. It was like the taxi driver knew what he was doing. As they hit each bump Sungmin moaned involuntarily into KangIn's kiss. He became more active in the kiss and had even wrapped his arms around his neck. At the last bump Sungmin's now hard on made it self known to KangIn as it jugged him in the thigh.

"Sungmin sit up." KangIn said getting off of him and looking at his kiss swollen lips. Sungmin crossed his legs to hide it from him, but it was too late. "Why don' t you trust your hyung? Just let me help you." KangIn turned Sungmin toward him and put one of his legs on his shoulder. When the dress flipped up KangIn almost got erect and then jizzed in his pants at the sight. The lacy pink under ware that adorned Sungmin's privates looked good enough to eat. So he did.

Sungmin threw his head against the window at the feeling of KangIn hot mouth around him. His fist clenched at the side every time he hollowed his cheeks, and every time the tip hit the back of his throat he gagged himself. KangIn worked with expert speed in getting him off. KangIn tongued the slit and pumped the base rythematically. Using his smooth vocals he hummed all the while making Sungmin scream his name. He reached lower and massaged his balls, then went to suck them before returning to his main course.

"KangIn...hyu...I'm gonna cc....cccc.." Sungmin tried to say as KangIn gave him a hard long suck which 'blew' him over the edge. He swallowed most of it as it cam out, but let some smear his lips. KangIn crawled up him and kissed him hard, letting him taste himself. KangIn felt proud of himself. His drunken mind congratulated him again and again for 'helping' and dongseang'.

Sungmin sat up a little uncomfortable at the situation. He staid as far away as he could from KangIn until they reached the house. They both snuck in and went to their own rooms.

The next morning was filled with noise and hangovers. It would seem that those two weren't the only ones who snuck out last night. Everything was chaotic as usual in the SuJu dorm. When night fell everyone went into the same routine.

Qmi was currently occupying the couch as Sungmin walked in. "Oh my bad. I'll watch t.v. another time." He turned to walk away when he heard Zhoumi say "Or you could join us. The more the merrier." His classic smile shown through the dimness of the room. Sungmin gave a greasy smile and nodded his head. "I'll be right back." He ran toward his room but tripped and fell hard on his butt landing on a game controller. "Ow. Man that hurt. Shit this is going to hurt for days." Sungmin stood up rubbing his, but stopped when he felt an extra hand on it.

He was about to turn around, but was stopped by some kind of wall. Then the smell of strong alcohol was present. "Let hyung help you feel better. OK Sungminnie.?"
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JaeJaetrain1332 on November 1st, 2009 09:58 am (UTC)

*goes to read*
JaeJaetrain1332 on November 1st, 2009 10:56 am (UTC)

This is like the hottest/funniest KangMin ever!!! :DDDDDDDDD
fynrilefynrile on November 1st, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
Who do you want and how do you want it? Remember not to use anyone who already has their birthday fic posted. Hurry I have to write! I'm excited!
JaeJaetrain1332 on November 2nd, 2009 10:26 am (UTC)



HARD-CORE LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH

Thank you~ :3
kimonochikimonochi on November 2nd, 2009 12:01 pm (UTC)
I'm so bad... I read it when you originally posted and forgot to comment.

Anyways, thank you SO much for writing it. I really liked it, and I really like agressive Kangin!